Membangun Strategi Promosi Dalam Pengembangan Bisnis

Sulistiono Sulistiono, Sri Bawono


Promotion strategy is one part of marketing strategies employed to maintain the product on the market. Promotion strategy aims to provide information to consumers about the products on offer, as a tool to persuade consumers to choose goods that we offer a purchase option at this time, In addition promotion is also useful as a reminder or to remind consumers about the product availability and usefulness of such products and to shape consumer perceptions of a particular product.

Our purpose is to investigate how the promotion strategy conducted in the tea beverage franchise businesses to develop their products on the market. Considering the enormous competition in the same segment in running this business in need of proper promotion strategy to introduce our products and give consumers a brand in memory.

The results showed that the franchise business Your Tea tea has a good promotion strategy so that products can survive in the market. Franchise Your Tea drinks using promotional strategies either directly or indirectly. Promotion strategies that do business owners this is done directly by seminars and become self-employed speaker events. And to indirectly take advantage of promotional print media and website advertising is promotion in the Warta Kota newspaper, magazine Business Opportunity, distribution of brochures and a website at Evaluation results of this study indicate that the selection of proper promotion can make the products that we offer both attention and response from the public and can form an image which became purchase options.


Promotional Strategy; Product Development

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